Rain, Rain

It’s easy to see rain as a damper on a good outfit. You don’t wanna wear your white shoes, and carry your good bag. I’ve fallen into a habit of dressing like a little boy in gym class on rainy days and I think this is mostly because I have never put any importance on investing in rain gear that I truly love.

I’ve had the same knock off Hunter rain boots for years, and I only own one rain coat and it doesn’t even zipper. this is a recipe for misery and disaster on a rainy day. And in New England, many of the days are rainy days. As they say though, you have to get through the April showers in order to enjoy the May flowers.

so with May flowers on the brain, I made it my mission to find comfortable, chic rainwear that I’ll want to put on, and I found it. I spent one day searching the mall and surprisingly enough there is a ton of cute rainy day finds out there!

I picked up a pair of Chelsea style rain boots, that from far enough away don’t even look like rain boots. But, they keep my socks dry and my feet happy. I got a steal on a metallic BCBG rain coat with a hood and awesome sweatshirt material insulation. Just enough to keep the chill away from your bones. And lastly I grabbed a super cute ‘alphabet soup’ umbrella from H&M. I never think to carry an umbrella but since I’ve purchased it, I can’t lie, I have been hoping for a rainy day.

Rain, Rain, Come my way.

Jacket: BCBG | Rainbooties: Target | Umbrella: H&M

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