Accessory Association

Whether we realize it or not we all tend to have an accessory we gravitate towards. Something we continually repurchase, or an item we have purchased and find ourselves reaching for to complete our outfits daily. I always search for it on other people and once I’ve discovered their ‘thing’ I always associate them with it. When I see them without it, it’s like seeing a dog walk on it’s hind legs.

Since I only know what I assume to be everyone’s signature accessories I decided to get the real scoop. I’ve interviewed a few of my girls to see what they think their fashion kryptonite is and learn more about their relationship with it.

I asked each of them a few questions and let them tell me anything additional that they wanted to about their pieces.

The Questions

  1. What’s you’re signature accessory/why do you love it?
  2. What’s your favorite way to style it/when do you like to wear it?
  3. What’s your favorite style/what do you look for when purchasing this item

Jessica: The Scarf

Jessica’s Signature accessory is a colorful,lightweight, printed scarf. She love’s that a scarf is so versatile and can carry over into all seasons. It also “has a way of transforming an outfit from a basic T-shirt and jeans into a dimensional look.” when looking to purchase a scarf, or choose one for an outfit she likes to find one that has a lot of fabric. Not necessarily a thick scarf, but one that has the ability to be wrapped, draped, or left to hang. Although this one is borrowed from her mom who is, “Totally going to kill me when she seea this”, Jess has built a large collection of scarves, so she has one to go with every outfit.

Jenna: The Headband

Jenna’s signature accessory is the headband. She loves the way she can spice up an otherwise neutral outfit with a cute, patterned headband. Jenna is a dancer so it’s not only a cute pop of color, but it serves a purpose. “Other than hiding my desperate roots, it keeps my wispies in check.” Jenna says the headband is, “Simple, Timeless, and goes with every occasion.” You really can dress is up or dress it down. Jenna loves a wider headband, that’s breathable, and loves that she is able to support her friend in buying them and sporting them.

The headband pictured is a the wide band style headband from LuBands By Liza.

Samantha: Boots

Samantha’s go to accessory is the chunky black boots. “It’s the way I complete every outfit and give myself that extra necessary height.” Sam finds herself rounding out basically every outfit with chunky boots of some nature, whether it’s girly looks or edgy looks, “black boots just work.” Sam loves a black boot with at least some heel to it, or even better a platform. The shoes pictured are her Vagabond boots from TopShop, but she has recently fallen in love with the edgier Doc Marten.

Allie: The Statement Belt

My signature accessory is the statement belt. Aside from it’s practical use of keeping me from tugging on my jeans all day, it is the perfect extra detail. it never takes over the outfit because it is always just out of the focal point, but when you notice it you tend to appreciate it. If I’m wearing jeans, chances are I’m also wearing a belt. Aside from that, I love to belt dresses, and long shirts. Every outfit needs a belt in my eyes. When purchasing a belt I try to pick something that isn’t just neutral. I like to have something a little flashy or fun. Since you only see a piece of it why not let it make an impression.

Photographers: Jessica Mixner & Myself

2 Replies to “Accessory Association”

  1. Nice topic Alexandria. Very well presented. My signature accessory is pearls. I wear most of the time one jewelry piece that has pearls (ring, necklace, earrings). The pearls can also be on shoes, handbag or clothing. When there is no pearl, you can be sure to find a scarf or booties. Love these two accessories as well.

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