Bottom Heavy

You can call them what you want: ugly trainers, chunky sneakers, or dad shoes, but whatever you call them they are the it shoe of the spring. These shoes are heavy (looking and in reality), over-exaggerated, and sometimes colorful. I noticed this trend going back a couple weeks now after the Balenciaga Triple S was released. All of my favorite Instagram style gals seemed to be boasting the new clunky sneaker and it seemed to match everything. Since then I’ve been seeing them everywhere.

They have been walking down the runway, traipsing through city streets, strolling down beachy boardwalks and as of a couple of days ago taking on Cranston. These shoes are literally everywhere, they’re taking over.

There are so many different styles and color variations of the sneaker of the spring. Whether you’re budget or boujiee there is a sneaker to suit your wallet. Although this trend started very expensive from our favorite designer brands, it quickly got swallowed up by fast fashion making it relatively accessible.

These shoes aren’t meant to only see the gym. They are best when paired with flowy dresses and skirts and pretty business looks like; colorful blazers and pinstripe trousers. Because of the comfort factor, you will want to wear them with everything.


Below are the first few bloggers/influencers I saw wearing the shoes, part of the reason I fell in love. Instagram accounts linked below.

Alicia RoddyDanielle BernsteinLorna

Look 1:

For a casual/business look I paired the shoes with a pair of cropped, checkered dress pants and a spotted loose T-shirt. I layered a distressed denim jacket over top. I wore a pair of black chunky socks to help balance out the all-white sneaker.

Pants: H&M | Shirt: H&M | Sunnies: GAP | Jacket: Marshall’s | Sneakers: TopShop

Look 2:

Going for a more girly look I paired the sneakers with a spotted bell sleeve dress. I added a gold Gucci belt for a pop of detail at the waistline and, this time, white socks to blend more with the sneakers and play them down a bit.

Dress: H&M | Belt: Gucci | Sneakers: TopShop


Look 1: Jesse Cronan

Look 2: Jessica Mixner

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