Out Like a Lamb

One of the best parts of life is being able to share hobbies and passions with friends you hold close. Luckily this is just the case with my friend and fellow fashion enthusiast Samantha.

We’ve always been lucky to be able to turn to each other for opinions, help, and most of all inspiration. We are much like a lifelong collaboration. I find it easy to create magic on film and in writing when we are together. So of course whenever one of us asks the other to team up it’s an enthusiastic, “of course!”

As winter comes to an end and spring keeps teasing us I’d like to address an article of clothing I have a hard time walking by in stores without making a purchase. Jackets and coats have become such a big part of my ever growing wardrobe and have a special part of my heart. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite purchases from this season as well as seasons past to curate a list of the six most essential jackets everyone should invest in.

My collection ranges from lightweight denim to heavy fur and everything in between. Sam has a closet that ranges in much the same way. While some coats have been purchased from well-known retailers such as Tobi and H&M, almost equally as many have come from second hand stores such as Good-will and Savers.

This time of year can generally be considered a good time to purchase coats. An abundance is left over and usually marked down in order to make way for our spring and summer favorites. So if your essentials list is lacking then now is the time to beef it up!

1: The Teddy Bear Coat

The teddy bear coat is a relatively new trend but one of the coziest. I love layering a thick sweater or a leather jacket underneath for a more dimensional look and an even warmer layer.

Brown Teddy Bear: Marshall’s | Navy Teddy Bear: H&M | Beret: Bershka | Buckled Up Boots: Primark | Combat Boots : Doc Martens

2: The Puffer Coat

This essential is an everyday coat for me. It matches everything and keeps the warmth in. It comes in handy especially when adventuring between indoor and outdoor, there is minimal static for on and off wear.

Puffer Coat: Topshop | Sneakers: Adidas | PVC Bag: Francesca’s

3: Printed/Statement Jacket

Everyone needs at least one statement jacket. It can pull your outfit together, and if you’re going to be wearing it for a length of time can be accessorized as an outfit.

Leopard Jacket: Nordstrom Rack

4: Fur Coats (Fake fur, of course)

Although some of these jackets aren’t as warm as they look, they are so chic. Even a low-end fake fur can look expensive. Fur has been around so long that I don’t see it going out of style in the next hundred years.

Fur Coat: Tobi

5: Jean Jacket

The perfect transitional coat, and can be worn year round. A heavy jean jacket is good for early and late winter, and lightweight one is the perfect spring/fall accessory.

Denim Jacket: TJ Maxx | Sneakers:  New Balance | Backpack: Margot Leather

6: The Blazer Coat

For somewhere in between dressed up and dressed down. I got mine in a bold color just to set it apart from my regular black and brown jackets. Another good transitional piece for between seasons.

Pink Blazer Coat: Tobi

Photographers: Myself, Samantha Romero, Jesse Cronan, & Jessica Mixner

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