Thank You, New York City

Lately any excuse for an escape to the city is a good one. Even if it’s just spending the day in my own little city of Providence. Luckily for me, my grandmother has also been itching to see the city. So for her birthday my mom, my grandmother and I stayed overnight in New York City.

We got a good deal on a room at The Paramount. The lobby was dim lit and swanky with a vintage meets modern vibe. The ride would have been worth it just to hang out there for the night.

The Looks

The first day I wanted to be comfy, cute and casual since I knew we would be doing a lot of walking. I also wanted an easy day to night transition. I wore my laced up, open sided, black jeans with a short sleeve black turtle neck and a Calvin Klein jean jacket. I finished the look with a black envelope style cross body, and tan wrap around tied booties. Comfort and layers was key.

To go out at night I kept the turtle neck style, but switched to long sleeve, and i layered it underneath a maroon romper that I swear I’ve been hoarding for a year. I paired it with “distressed” black tights, maroon platform booties, and statement earrings. I glammed up my daytime makeup, threw on my leather jacket and was ready.


After we settled in on day one we toured the Intrepid and the Growler. Located in the Hudson, the ship and the submarine cost $33 to tour and is well worth it. We spent a couple of hours there, seeing all the war planes, and enjoying the views from the top deck. I would recommend.


We had dinner a few minutes away from the hotel at a little place called ‘Don’t Tell Mama’. The food was to die for and costed next to nothing considering we were in New York. I had the short ribs and for dessert we shared a Creme Brulee, one of the best I’ve had.

The day we left we had to stop in Shake Shack since none of us have ever been. Although it was crazy busy and finding a table was stressful, it is completely worth the hype. I got the black and white milkshake and a bacon cheeseburger. Both of which were hard to put down once I picked them up.


Our first drink spot might have been my favorite. It was an upstairs bar called the Hourglass Tavern. They were boasting $5 drink specials so we each had a specialty drink. The decor was cute and cozy with warm colors and vintage lighting. The sunlight breaking through the window even made it a bit toasty, feeling almost like a summer day.

Before dinner was had espresso martinis at the Fashion Bar located in the RUI hotel. The decor was sleek, white, and sparkly and the bartenders and drinks were excellent. It was however, the way most hotel bars are, overpriced.

One of our last drink stops was after dinner. Connected to Don’t Tell Mama was the Piano bar. I would 100% recommend going here if you like live entertainment, and a friendly environment. All the bartenders sing sets and they all belong on Broadway. The tables are very intimate so if you like making friends while you drink it is an excellent hang.


Hitting all the stores is usually top of my list but we cut it close on time since we only had two days. We only stopped in one store, The Gap. The whole store was 40% off and I usually can find at least one thing I like. I ended up snagging this velvet robe for $15 that was originally $180. Whether I end up wearing it or not, that is a satisfying purchase. And a good end to my city escape.

Thank you New York City, you never fail me xx

Outfit 1: Turtleneck: H&M | Jeans: Nordstrom Rack| Shoes: Nordstrom Rack |Jacket: Thrifted

Outfit 2: Romper: Forever21 | Jacket: Marshalls | Shoes: H&M | Earrings: New York & Company

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