A Love Like Denim

A Love Like Denim

When I was a freshman in high school one of my senior teammates said something I still think about, “I can’t wait to go to the mall this weekend and buy a new pair of crisp blue jeans.” I hated plain jeans at this point and couldn’t understand. But I realized it wasn’t about the jeans, not the fading, not the color, not the pocket detailing, it was about the way she felt when she put on her crisp, blue jeans. It’s about the feeling. Denim makes you feel a certain way.

I, like anyone else, can now relate to the powerful feeling of stepping into your favorite pair of crisp, blue jeans. But what about all the other feelings denim can cause to erupt?

What about the artistic feeling of stepping into a pair of high rise triple waistband raw cut denim?

The pretty feeling of sliding into a light blue mom jean with pink and white pearl detailing around the ankle?

Or the bad a** feeling of pulling on a pair of faded jeans laced with ribbon down the side?

Each of these feelings is as important as the original.

And not all are caused by classic denim. But by interesting denim.

And not just jeans but: jackets, shirts, shoes, and accessories.

Keep the denim coming and keep it interesting.

(Outfit Details Below)


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Pearl embellished jeans: Imperial Denim| White loafers: Steve Madden |Lace up jeans: The Denim Republic |Black Sweater: NA-KD Fashion | Red Boots: Bershka | Triple waistband jeans: ASOS | Red Sweater: Bershka |Black Mules: Forever21

Photographer: Jessica Mixner


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